The Anti-Globalist International is a worldwide alliance of organizations and individuals united by the principles articulated in our Manifesto.  These include the belief that a worldwide oligarchy of political, financial, and technological elites is working to implement a totalitarian biotech police state to control the wealth and populations of the entire world.  This effort by the global elites is known by several names: the Great Reset, the New World Order, One World Government, Agenda 2030, or simply, global governance.  The Anti-Globalist International is dedicated to resisting this massive global coup.  We are determined to protect and defend national sovereignty and personal freedom, peacefully and powerfully.

To this end, we are dedicated to educating the public and influencers about building effective resistance to the civilizational dangers we face.  The most immediate danger we face is by means of the World Health Organization’s proposed pandemic treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations, to be voted upon in May, 2024.  Similarly, the United Nations is developing its own “Emergency Platform” that would “operationalize automatically” in the case of a “future complex global shock.”  This will be voted on in September, 2024.  Whether global dominance is asserted by the WHO using health as a pretext or by the UN using climate change, outer space or anything else they deem to be a “complex global shock,” the result is the same:  destruction of our national sovereignty and personal freedom.

We stand for the right to believe, practice and advance Biblical truths, which are increasingly coming under attack.  We believe that ultimately, we are engaged in a spiritual battle.  “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.”  Isaiah 59:19, KJV. We believe that this standard is the word of God.  Our patron saint is Joan of Arc, a simple girl from the countryside who through her faith and by the grace of God, led France to major military victories, defending its national sovereignty against incursions by the English; and whose faith remained immovable despite intense religious persecution, leading to her martyrdom.

Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and the Anti-Globalist International
Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President, Women’s Rights Without Frontiers and the Anti-Globalist International

The Anti-Globalist International is a project of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers.  The Founder and President of both organizations is Reggie Littlejohn, a graduate of Yale Law School and a committed Catholic Christian.  As an attorney, she represented a Chinese refugee in her case for political asylum in the United States.  This woman had been forcibly sterilized for having two children under China’s One Child Policy.  Ms. Littlejohn launched Women’s Rights Without Frontiers to combat forced abortion and sterilization in China.  In so doing, she learned about the way that Chinese-style totalitarianism operates and became alarmed to see it spreading all over the world through globalist organizations like the WHO the UN and the World Economic Forum. She co-founded the Stop Vaccine Passports Task Force and the Sovereignty Coalition. These two initiatives are ongoing and serve as precursors to the Anti-Globalist International.

You may read Ms. Littlejohn’s full bio here.

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